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Welcome To M.A's The Basement

I am Mistress Aurora The Chastiser, I provide Professional Dominatrix services and have been doing so now for 15 years. I have worked in many different places from the Dirty South to now, the Beautiful New England area. I am a Professional Photographer by trade with a degree in Commercial Product Photography, I have brought a unique flair and style for your visual appetite.

My Vision, My Dream

MY VISION---To provide to others in the kink community a desirable, safe, and clean place to come and play. I am also open to teaching couples how to play safe and give professional guidence. I am in a very loving yet strict committed relationship with my submissive male. We are very interested in teaching younger male submissives on how to sincerly serve and commit themselves to their Domme.

MY DREAM---At somepoint in my life I will offer bed and breakfast services and make ourselves available for teaching and offer work shops and invite other Dommes and Masters to teach skills.
02, 2017

To all interested Master's/ Dom's looking for a safe clean and well stocked studio/ playroom/ dungeon for your play.   Whether you are lifestyle or a novice Dom,  I would like to recommend Mistress Aurora's Playroom.  She affectionately calls this her "shed.  This is a two floor complex with plenty of impact toys,  chairs,  hoists,  racks,  cages and a medical room.   For the novice,  Mistress Aurora is a hospitable host who will take the time to show you how to use various pieces and tools.   Even as an experienced Dom,  I enjoyed watching Mistress Aurora play with my submissive.  If you are looking for a place in the Western Mass area,  I whole heartily recommend you look at this space for your rental play
Dom D.J.

Aug 10 2017

My wife and I were interesting in doing something creative and exciting to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  We decided on contacting Mistress Aurora for the possibility of renting her play space along with her professional expertise for a bondage inspired boudoir photo shoot. Though, as a husband and wife with no photography or modeling experience we decided to set out just to have a fun adventure and if we managed to get some good photos along the way that would be a bonus for us.    
However, Mistress Aurora's professionalism, hospitality, and experience was second to none during the two hour photo session, which thanks to her became a life long memorable experience for us. Due to her knowledgeable instruction and expertise we were able to capture hundreds of beautiful photographs of the highest professional quality that will live on with us forever as something special and unique that only we share.  Not only were the images captured amazing but the entire process was made sexy and fun along the way thanks to her experience and charisma . All in all we set out just to have a good time and were not disappointed.      


M.A.s The Basement
The  Gallery

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Dungeon Furniture

7' x 3' Bondage Table with D rings
Adjustable Bondage Chair
Standing Swing

Fetters Sit Sling
Bent Over Spanking Bench
Combo Bench Ladder
Love Glider Machine
Standing Cock Stock
Hanging Neck Stock
Hanging 36" Suspension Bar
Hanging 15" Suspension Bar

Spanking Horse with attached neck & wrist  stock
Smother Box
42 x 36 Metal Dog Cage 
Venus 2000

ErosTek ET312B
7x3 The Rack A Medeival Torture Bed
Pink Sissy Slut Chair / Electric Chair
Horizonra; Suspension sleep sack with

suspension bar

Trample Box


 Wooden Paddles different lengths & thicknesses some with holes & no holes / Some are initiation paddles OTK Paddles / To many to list
Acrylic Canes, long / short / thick, skinny / Ex long & birch / Bamboo canes differnt sizes and thickness / Bamboo stingers / Beaded Evil Stick Carbon  Fiber
Two sided leather paddles  spiked or smooth / fur paddles / Leather strap 20 " long 3 layers / 20 " Thin leather strap with holes / English tawas / Rubber paddel / Twisted electrical wire beater / Leather belts / Hair brush's / Wooden Spoons so many more
Surgical medical nipple clamps / Clover leaf nipple clamps with or with out weights / Nipple tree torture device  / Clothng pens, wood, plastic, metal
Needles for needle play / Medical Bandage Wrap
Catheters / Penis plug / Penis sounds 3m to 18m GERMAN STAINESS" NON MAGNET


Leather Collar With D Rings / Puppy collars / Slut collars / Owned collars
Gas Mask / Sensory Deprivation mask  / Latex Head Mask / Puppy mask / Pig Mask / Wrestlers mask / Pink sissy mask with lace mouth opening / White medical mussle head gear / Executioners Hood
Adult Baby Rattler / Baby Bottle /
Enema Bags & Double bulb silicone anal inserter

 Many different play toys / chew toys on hand
Floggers & Whips - Elk flogger / Braided whip with spikes / Braided 36" Whip with Stinger Tail / 2 Swivel leather floggers for double impack play / Rubber flogger made from intertubes from a bikecycle / Leather Thumper / Dragon Tail 3 ft long / Rubber Stinger 16 " /  Whip Chain Link 4 ft long singel tail

Spiked CB Restraint /  Humbler / Weighted balls & chains sets / Steel ball crusher / Chasisty device ex large cage / rope / shoes laces / needles / Spiked pen wheels / C Rings / Rulers / Spiked Ball Crusher
Butt plugs / Plug harness /  Anal hooks / Vibrators / Inflatables

Leather  bondage restraints / Sleepsack /  Padded Leather straight jacket / Fullbody Canvas restraint bodysack / Leather Mr.S suspeision sack for horizontal or vertical suspeision work / Latex full body suits
 Bondage Rope / Metal shackles / Spreader bars / Waist belt with D rings / Smith & Wesson handcuffs & Ankle restraints

Dog leash / Chew Toys / Feeding bowls / Doggie treats

Gags / Blind folds /  Wrist & Ankle leather restraints / Chains / Hand cuffs / Smith & Wesson leg restraints / Leather Wrist To Ball Restraint  By Mr.S / Major Hardcore Pump Gags

Feathers / Wigs / Make up / Female wardrobe / High heels /  Bras / Sissy lacy nickers / Painties / Fake Silicone Breast / Silicon Emily Mask / 4 New Sissy Dresses to include a maids dress

Ice / Plastic Wrap / Hot wax 
Cupping Sets / Fire Wands for Fire Fleshing

Neon Wand by Kinklab / Body Taper & Many Attachments

P.E.S Power Box  
P.E.S Acrylic Anal Plug 1-1/2 by 6"
P.E.S Rectal Pacifier
P.E.S. Electro-Flex Tubular Rings
P.E.S. Corona Cockhead Stimulator
P.E.S Slim Jim

Erostek ET312B & Accessories / many internal and external attachments / Head Phones to Stim by

Venus 2000 

Black Magic XL

Trample Box

Mistress has so many more things it is impossible to list them all